Iife. Music. Hardships.

All I want to do is music, it is my life. I will never give up. But with limited resources, and opportunities, it is very difficult, and sometimes seems impossible. But the impossible has been done; made into reality. If one man can change the world forever, then I can get where I’m going, and be who I want to be.



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Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear.

Driving Blind

Yes, I do turn the radio down so I can see better.

That was awesome

so im sitting here listening to music and then out of nowhere this superbass just booms my ears and im like Damn these headphones are good (they’re only my apply ear buds)! but then a second later i realized it was just some guy outside blasting his subs. and i just got a free caramel mocha frappe with chocolate chips, sweet.




Vodka Cherry Pokeballs by BigEatsBen

uhm wut

I wanna make these for a con and walk around eating them.

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